How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Quitting Your Online Business

Every business owner has either faced, is facing or will face a day when they feel like hanging the towel and walking away from their business. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and stressful. You need to stay motivated, enthusiastic and driven to outlive temporary setbacks and achieve your goals.So what do you do on those days you feel like quitting?In this article, I will highlight the 4 things you can do to pull yourself out of the bath tub of self pity and regain the energy you need to rebuild your business.4 Tips to Stay Motivated on Cloudy Days1. Remember Past VictoriesMany times, it’s so easy to dwell on the negatives and ponder over the incomplete and pending tasks at hand. Sadly, doing this will only serve to keep you in that depressed and frustrated state. You need to remind yourself of all the good things you’ve accomplished so far. Remember each of your achievements one by one and let a wave of self confidence and satisfaction flood your entire being as you re-live each victory in your head. Before long, you’ll begin to feel physically, mentally and emotionally equipped to handle any pending challenges.2. Read New InformationThis does not have to be related to the business world. The idea behind doing this is that it will serve to stimulate your brain with new information that will fill you with a sense of pride at acquiring something new. This will also give the part of your brain that has been overwhelmed with negative thoughts an opportunity to rest and revive itself.3. Take a BreakOne major reason why people make poor decisions and feel overwhelmed is because they are stressed. This can be quickly cured by taking a break from whatever it is that you’re doing. To be honest, you need to have it scheduled into your daily routine to have regular breaks where you don’t think about your business but engage in stress free activities.4. Write down your Future DreamsDreaming can be empowering and its FREE. Just close your eyes and imagine the world as you want it to be. Then take a pen and paper and write down where you see your business and family a year or so from today. Let your dreams for the future inspire you to overcome the temporary obstacles you might be facing in order to get to the dream you desire.These 4 simple tips work and will lift you out of any depression hole you may find yourself in. Stressful days will come but they shouldn’t leave you stressed. I would like to share more business tips and advice with you.